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Basic Home Loan

Basic Home Loan – Basic variable rate home loans are extremely popular due to their low fees and interest rates but the trade-off is limited features.

Standard Variable Rate Home Loan

Standard Variable Rate Home Loan – Standard variable rate loans are known for their flexibility and features such as partly fixing, loan splits, offset, additional repayments and redraw.

Fixed Rate Home Loan

Fixed Rate Home Loan – Fixed rate home loans protect borrowers against rising interest rates although work against borrowers when rates fall. Fixed rate loans are popular amongst investors and home owners who prefer the certainty of fixed repayments for a period of time.

Split Home Loan

Split Home Loan – Split or blended home loans allow borrowers to divide their home loans into partly fixed and variable portions. This provides borrowers with the flexibility of a variable rate and the added certainty of a fixed rate loan.

Home Equity Loan

Home Equity Loan – Home equity loans or lines of credit allow borrowers to unlock the equity in their property for any purpose such as renovating, investing, motor vehicles, education, etc. Home equity loans provide a low cost option to other forms of lending with the flexibility of interest-only repayments.

All In One Loans

All In One Loans – All in one loans are similar to overdraft facilities where income and expenses are paid and withdrawn from the loan account. The concept is to minimise interest by depositing your salary directly into the loan account and only withdrawing living expenses as required. The downside is that without strict budgeting and controls, the loan could remain fully drawn. To minimise interest we recommend against all in one loans and suggest a suitable home loan with a 100% offset facility.
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